Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Coffee for Campaign Fundraising

Oprah Winfrey and Joe Lieberman have openly declared their support for their chosen presidential candidates. Why haven’t you? Oh, so you think that because you are not a famous talk show host or an incumbent senator that you cannot give your preferred candidate a proper endorsement? You are wrong. There is a way.

As the primaries persist, the endorsements roll in. We think it is high time that everyone-from Democrats to Green Party hopefuls –had a proper channel through which he or she can lend his or her political support. Give your candidate the little man endorsement he or she deserves, for this is, after all, is a democracy where every vote counts. Now you can buoy up your vote with something simple: Coffee.

Not just any coffee-premium, homegrown, patriotic coffee. Not only will you endorse your candidate, you’ll endorse America by drinking our gourmet, straight from Kona delight. With your candidate’s face and slogan on your life-saving beverage of choice, you’ll let everyone know how ardently you support our nation’s future leader. Take it to the office, give it as a gift, send it out as a campaign mailer for the next primary! Mostly, just drink it. The purpose is twofold: pure enjoyment of a gourmet, uplifting beverage while also signaling to yourself and the rest of the USA who you want in the White House come November. It all screams, “I love America!” a good impression for anyone watching. Your vote and endorsement matters; make it matter even more with the coffee you drink.

You drink coffee anyway, so start putting the habit to constructive use. Go here to support your candidate and become a real American patriot: